a Commercial Electrician in Conejo Valley

Looking for a Commercial Electrician in Conejo Valley?

So picture this. You are having electrical problems in your business, you go over your expenses, and you think to yourself “whatever, I’ll just do it myself” in order to cut costs. Sounds familiar? Let’s be realistic for a moment, how can that turn out? Best case scenario you get a band-aid solution for a few months at most. Worst case scenario? A fire, if we allow ourselves to be a bit catastrophic about it. Electrical matters are not for you to take lightly. Most problems are fairly easy to solve… if you are a professional. Better to be safe than sorry, right? Let’s go over some of the things you should take into account when looking for a commercial electrician in Conejo Valley.


It’s of the utmost importance that the commercial electricians you hire are bonded and insured before they get to work. If an uninsured electrical contractor is making repairs in your business and, God forbid, something were to happen to them, you get into some serious trouble. Additionally, if something happened to your installation, the electrical company’s insurance will come at hand. So the next time you hire a commercial electrician in Conejo Valley, make sure they are bonded and insured. This will not only help you be comfortable with hiring them, but will be telling of their professionalism and experience.

a Commercial Electrician in Conejo Valley

Licensed Experts

Similarly to the need for insurance, you need to make sure the electricians you hire are licensed and therefore qualified to take on the job. Licenses are a way to certify the workers are legally apt to exercise their trade and to do so safely and professionally. An unlicensed commercial electrician is a liability you don’t want to take on.

Flat Rate Pricing

Several electrical companies will refuse to be straightforward with their pricing and come up with additional charges and expenses on the run. You don’t want that. You need and deserve electricians who will own up to an initial flat rate. Find a commercial electrician in Conejo Valley that will offer a flat rate for getting the job done upfront and not after the fact. This is not only a good business practice in general, but an ethical and professional signifier on the part of the electrician in question.

Scheduled Appointments

How many times has an electrician told you they are coming “Tuesday sometime during business hours” or “yeah, later this week” only to show up at the last minute or not at all? If it has only happened once it’s already more than enough. A reliable electrical contractor will offer scheduled appointments and show up on time. Do not settle for an electrical company that does not schedule their visits.

DCE Commercial Electricians in Conejo Valley

Lucky for you, Dales Conejo Electric satisfies all the criteria on this post and more. We pride ourselves on our reliability and proficiency. Don’t hesitate to call us at (805) 500-2928 to inquire about our services and schedule your appointment. We can guarantee we have the best insured, licenced commercial electrician in Conejo Valley for your business.

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